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Todays workout is the well known MURPH workout. Begin with your warmup focusing on getting ready to run, complete pull-ups, pushups and body weight squats. You will have 4 given options for how to approach this workout.

Option 1 is the way MURPH was written to run. You will complete all of the reps of each movement before moving on to the next. Complete 1 time through for time.

Option 2 is the same set up as the first option, but all the reps and distances have been cut in half. Complete unbroken for time.

Option 3 allows for you to do these reps partitioned instead of unbroken. Complete the red reps for 10 rounds OR complete the purple reps for 20 rounds through.

Option 4 is a partner styled workout! You and your partner will complete the runs together, but then will choose how you want to break up all of the reps in a you go, I go style.

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