Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that you arrive a little early (15 minutes) so that our staff can walk you through the facility and introduce you to the equipment and the coach. As with any physical activity, we recommend eating prior to working out and drinking plenty of water before and after.

Workout clothes, workout shoes, and a water bottle. Some of our members also bring a towel, fitness watch, or gloves for weights. We also have water bottles, coffee, and a small retail section in the lobby if you find yourself in a pinch!

Absolutely not! One of the beautiful things about Cor4’s workouts is that they can be adjusted to all fitness levels. The coaches will work with you on finding the right weights and activities for you. Exercises can be customized based on your body’s needs. The purpose of a Cor4 workout is to meet you where you are and help push you forward toward your fitness goals.

Many people think that weight lifting means you’ll automatically bulk up. This is simply not true. Cor4 pairs purposeful weight-lifting with aerobic exercise to build lean and strong muscles. Lean muscles burn more calories and lead to an overall toned look. In addition, resistance training and strength building provide a number of other collateral health benefits. The trainers will help you find the correct weight and help you with your technique. You don’t need any advanced knowledge or skill to take a class.

Workouts are meant to be adjusted and tailored to you. You will be working with your coach to determine the best workout for you. We recognize that everyone is different and will work to provide you with modifications as needed.

Many clients have not used the equipment we use here before. When you join, we will give you an introduction to each piece of equipment. Additionally, your coach will be readily available to help you throughout the class.

Unfortunately, no. We love kids but are not adequately staffed to safely watch children. Consider this time mandatory you-time.

Yes! We are very proud of our facilities, which we hope will provide you a refreshing place to get ready for your day. There are lockers in each bathroom to hold personal items. Feel free to bring a lock if you desire. Showers are stocked with basic necessities and there is plenty of room to change and get ready for whatever your day holds.

There are a variety of packages and membership options. Ask our staff about the different options that best fit your needs and we would be delighted to help you sign up.

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