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Cory and the entire Cor4 team do a truly fantastic job of educating, training, supporting, pushing and celebrating progress for every member, no matter where you are starting from. The trainers and the workouts are great, and the Cor4 community is incredibly welcoming and supportive.
I have been coming to Cor4 for about a year. This is more than a gym, it’s a community. The workouts are always engaging and over time you can see your progress! Our coaches are always encouraging and so are the friends around us in class!
Best place to really fall in love with fitness!!The workouts are tough, sure, BUT you quickly start to get excited at how it makes you feel after. Not to mention the people who you have cheering on the sidelines and pushing you through. Most places say they have a fitness community which you quickly find out it’s not true, yet here you truly see it and experience it. As a shy introvert I really appreciated it during my first weeks, how absolutely welcoming everyone was and how comfortable they’ve made me feel all this time.Not to mention how amazing all the trainers are !!!!!!!!!! !!!! !!!!! Everyday I am still impressed at how much they actually care to see the members progress and thrive. They are all just the perfect mix of sugar, spice and everything nice! In other words superheroes.
I’ve been a Cor4 member since it opened in 2020 and it’s been the best workout experience of my adult life. The trainers really care about each of us and provide individual attention, guidance and support. I’m stronger than I’ve been. And it’s more than a gym it’s a community.
I’ve been to a lot of gyms in my 52 years. I’m in, by far, the best shape of my life in many ways since I’ve been coming to Cor4.
Updating my previous review: I was going to talk about my experience at MY gym but what I witnessed yesterday was so nice to see, I have to share. We had a new person in our class and she didn't seem to be a person who knew much about workouts in general and or several of the movements/exercises we were doing. I watched her throughout the hour and it was so nice to see the coach so focused on helping her-making sure she was doing all the movements correctly and the coach was so patient and kind and not for one second did the coach seem irritated or in a hurry to get her going so they could move on (everyone else knew what to do and how to do it). It was all about making her safe--making her feel comfortable at a gym that can be intimidating to walk into. That is what this gym is about. It is a group of people who care. The trainers along with fellow gym members--making sure we are all doing our best. I loved seeing this yesterday--I am super proud to be a member at Cor4 ❤️Seeing your body composition change and having others notice is amazing but even more amazing is the strength I’ve gain after one year at Cor4. Everyday is a different workout and the coaches are so knowledgeable and encouraging.Come check out MY gym—you will love it, too !
I can't express enough how amazing Cor4 Fitness is! There is truly no other place like it.Whether you're just starting your fitness journey after a break, a seasoned athlete, or looking to break free from a monotonous cardio routine, Cor4 Fitness has got you covered. The workouts meticulously crafted by Cory are purposeful and tailored to help you become your strongest and healthiest self.One of the things that sets Cor4 apart is the sense of community that Cory and Allison have built. It's a place where you feel welcomed and supported, no matter your fitness level.With only 12 members in each class and your own equipment, it truly is personal training in a small group setting. The team of experienced and hands-on trainers goes above and beyond to understand your goals and what motivates you and ensure you perform exercises correctly and get the most out of every class.Whether you're training for a 5K, aiming to conquer your first pull-up, or seeking accountability to prioritize self-care, Cor4 is fully committed to your success. And, if you need help determining where to begin with your goals, they'll guide you and help you set achievable milestones.Give it a try, put in the work, and see its incredible impact on your body and you well-being.
I love Cor4! I constantly feel challenged by our coaches and I love the community that I have found here! I come 5-6 days a week at 5 am and genuinely look forward to being here because I’m surrounded by encouragers and friends who help to make me better! ❤️💪🏽
I have been going to Cor4 for over 3 years and it has been life changing. Classes are small with a great gym community vibe. Trainers are knowledgeable and motivating. They ensure proper form and discuss future goals with each person individually. Workouts can be tailored to different skill levels and everyone gets a challenging workout every class.
I’ve worked out my whole life at different intensities and at different gyms. I’ve done everything from going on my own to hiring a personal trainer to kickboxing classes. When the pandemic hit, I allowed myself to get out of shape and stopped my healthy exercise habits. I started going to Cor4 in July of 2022 at the urging of a friend who is a member. A year and a half later, I feel strong and motivated. Cory designs fantastic workouts and his trainers are all top notch. I feel pushed without feeling shamed and the entire team wants you to be the best version of yourself. I’m definitely not the most slim I’ve ever been, but I’m by far the strongest I’ve ever been. I highly recommend this community of inspiring people for your elevated gym experience.
Cor4 is the magic bullet if you want to get fit, gain muscle and lose fat. It’s simple - show up and do the work. The small classes and individual stations (you have your own tread, bike, rower AND weight rack!) are like personal training, but with friends! The trainers are extremely knowledgeable and clearly love what they do. I’ve never been in better shape and all I’ve done is come to class consistently and put in the effort. Each day is different but the workouts are meticulously planned to enable progress. There’s nothing like Cor4 in Chapel Hill or anywhere else - I can’t recommend it enough!!!
A fun, challenging, and ever evolving fitness studio. Trainers are hands on and are constantly watching form and technique so you have a safe workout. Their energy is always positive but not corny. Working out with a group of people esp if you keep with the workouts offers an awesome way to grow, get fit, and begin to transform your body the way you want either by improving cardio, getting stronger, or building muscle. Before you realize it the changes you see in others are happening to you as well.
Great atmosphere. Coaches are very knowledgeable and will help you with your specific needs.
Cory and his team are super! Very thankful for Cor4
Great workout. The trainers truly care about the members. And the members supports each other as a community.
I’m loving Cor4! I have worked out at a lot of gyms but I love the workout variety, knowledgeable coaching, great community and wonderful atmosphere at Cor4. Being new to the area, Cor4 has made me feel at home!
You couldn't ask for a better fitness facility than Cor4. The staff is super knowledgeable and caring. They never tire of making sure you understand the varied workouts and that you are doing them with the correct form. All levels are welcomed, and the best part is progressing to heavier weights and going faster on the bike/ more powerful on the rower. There is no pressure from the staff; they're there to help you reach your goals. They just encourage you to reach goals for yourself that you wouldn't have envisioned possible!
Cor4 is a fantastic facility but the community and coaches are even better! Can’t imagine a better place to make a daily habit of, positive, inspiring, and constantly challenging!! A year in and can’t think of a better place to spend my time and effort.
Cor4 is everything I was looking for: beautiful space & amenities, great programming, and a cool community of people. I love what I have learned at Cor4 and the strength and aerobic gains I’ve made!
Great faculty, awesome coaches and the community of people are great.
I’ve been to a LOT of gyms in the area - almost all of them 😆. I’ve stayed here because I love to sweat every day (keeps me sane and healthy) and I get bored easily. Cor4 is very challenging (I did CrossFit for years before this), but also beginner-friendly. It’s different every day, and you will see measurable results. The people are fantastic and the community couldn’t be better!
Great gym with great instructors! I highly recommend!
Beat thing I ever joined to help develop my strength, lose weight and get into shape!
Highly recommend this spot to anybody looking for a spot to workout at. I started here a year ago and really enjoy the group classes.
UPDATE: Cor4 is still the best place to work out, focused on total body health.Cory and Allison have created the most welcoming and encouraging place to learn and grow through fitness.
I love Cor4 for SO many reasons. Through the coaches challenging me and encouraging me over the past 2 years, I am stronger than I have ever been. 🥳 The support I received postpartum at Cor4 in regaining strength and speed was amazing. MOST of all- I love the community of friends Cor4 has provided. I genuinely look forward to my 5 am workouts to see my friends and get stronger together.
I’ve been of Cor4 since it opened in 2020, and throughout the pandemic Cory found innovative ways to keep us exercising while being safe. I love the workouts, the small class size provides lots of 1:1 support from all the trainers who are all very knowledgeable and genuinely care about each member’s goals. I’d recommend this gym to anyone who wants to progress in their physical activity in a wonderful community.
I’ve been a member since they opened in 2020! Cor4 has knowledgeable trainers who provide individual support to help you reach your goals. Through pregnancy and postpartum I’ve been able to maintain and improve on my strength. The community of people at Cor4 is unmatched in any other gym setting!
I love Cor4! All the trainers are so kind and willing to work with you no matter your skill level! The trainers and the members are extremely supportive and cheer you on! I never thought I would want to go to the gym, forget about getting up early in the morning to attend class...but here I am truly loving both!!!!
I’ve been searching for a “home” gym for years and something has always been missing, until I found Cor4. The combination of group fitness and 1:1 training was exactly why I was looking for and the other members are incredibly welcoming and encouraging.
Cory and his team are awesome! The workouts are intentional and rewarding. Thank you Cor4 for all that you do and for encouraging me to push myself each day both mentally and physically!
Great gym experience. Cory and his team of trainers will push you if you want to be pushed and make sure you’re having a good time doing it. It’s amazing to me the community that is built when everyone is working hard and working to better themselves.
If you are looking for a fantastic gym and even better community of people, you've found the right place. Individualized weights, rowing machines, bike and treadmills make this Cor4 a complete gem. Get off your couch and pay for a membership and write yourself a thank you note - you certainly won't regret it.
Just do it. I used to go to OTF, and it was fine, but if you want results go to Core4. The workouts, the coaches, the atmosphere. It will challenge you and change you.
I love working out here! The range of equipment and expertise of the instructors is a rare find. I love the varied nature of the workouts and energy of the people who come. So happy I joined!
Having been a member at Orangetheory and Burn Bootcamp, I was really impressed by the personal training aspect of Cor4. The smaller classes, attention to form, and thoughtfulness of the workouts ensure an overall great experience. The focus is always on self-improvement and meeting your potential. It’s a positive, empowering, and fun workout that you’ll quickly become addicted to.
Appreciate the attention to detail and focus on workout form. The transparency of COVID precautions they are putting in place makes me feel great about working out there.
Excellent facility with all the equipment you need for a great workout. Small classes with personal attention from the trainers. Very clean with well stocked locker rooms.
Cor4 is the best gym / group fitness in the Triangle. Knowledgeable trainers, a top-notch facility, and well-structured classes give them an advantage over all other gyms. Other, more corporate-driven places, cannot compare.
Cor4 is fantastic! Excellent personalized coaching for all levels, not at all intimidating. You will get stronger, no question about it. Have done a great job with the pandemic, with bootcamps outside and personal training inside. I feel really safe there, they are taking all the precautions. Highly recommend!!
Great coaches, members, and owners. The gym has a real community atmosphere. Every workout is different and the coaches hold you accountable to meeting your fitness goals.
Great community and trainers. They are super encouraging and always positive! Will continue to come back.
Classes are challenging and they’re easily able to modify any exercise that you’re unable to do.
Very personalized approach to small group interval training. Everyone get plenty of attention from the trainers. Great emphasis on form and safety. Goal is strengthening to increase overall health and prevent injury. Daily programs are built to engage all levels of fitness. People who are “out of shape” shouldn’t feel intimidated about taking a class. Very friendly atmosphere. A lot of encouragement from trainers and classmates.
Cor4 is the best workout out there. The small-gym atmosphere allows for personal attention and encouragement and you get the benefit of working out with friends. You have your OWN equipment allowing you to always have access to the right weights. Cory has created a community that is life changing.
Being active is a must for me. That said, when left to my own devices, I always default to running or cardio. At Cor4, I have learned a lot about overall fitness and strength as well as the importance of it in combination with cardiovascular fitness.The workouts are created daily to focus on a specific area. The trainers explain the goal and how best to approach the workout to help you maximize your results. The facility is itself is exceptional and spacious. Each station has a designated weight rack, bar, bike, rower, and treadmill per person so there is no sharing or overlap during class.The small class sizes allow the trainers to focus on form as well as to encourage progression towards your individual fitness goals. Regardless of your fitness level, the workouts allow individuals to complete workouts at their own speed. This gym offers so much encouragement and support as a community that I hate missing a day!If you are looking to for a great workout, have some fun, and challenge yourself then check out Cor4! This is an amazing community of people who encourage and support each other led by extremely knowledgeable owners and trainers. You won’t regret it!
I love Cor4! All the trainers and members are so kind and willing to work with you no matter your skill level!

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