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Cor4 Fitness Foundation

Cory Gibson is the owner and founder of Cor4. After finishing in the top of his class at the National Personal Trainer Institute in Orlando, Florida, Cory moved to North Carolina and has been a trainer in a variety of fitness settings for the past six years. From his experiences, Cory has developed and refined effective and efficient workout techniques.

When it comes to fitness, Cory is committed to meeting each individual where they are and creating programs that maximize personal progression while minimizing risk of injury. The development of a structurally sound body allows an individual to reach new heights while feeling great along the way!

​ Cory also believes that being part of a fitness community and working out in an enjoyable environment is essential for sustained fitness improvement, which is why he created Cor4. Cor4 is about developing as an individual, becoming healthier, and being a part of a special community. Join the Cor4 community and be part of an exciting new movement to reach new levels of personal wellness in a fun and safe environment!


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About Our Studio

Cor4 started in Cory’s garage but has been transformed into today’s studio through the support of his family and friends.

Cory believes in a fitness regimen that strengthens the person as a whole. The state-of-the-art exercise programs combine calorie burn with weight training, while still strengthening the stabilization muscles that keep your body at its safest and strongest inside and outside the studio.

The Cor4 studio is equipped with clean locker rooms and showers, as well as a lounge area for socializing before or after workouts. Cor4 aims to create an environment that fosters comfort and support as individuals achieve their best selves.

About Our Workouts

Metabolic Hypertrophy + Aerobic Conditioning + Injury Prevention

Cor4 offers the following multimodality workouts every week: Strength (improves lean muscle), Blast (increases heart rate), and MetCon (combination of Strength and Blast)

Classes will use a combination of equipment–including motorless treadmills, fan rowers, stationary-fan bikes, free weights, and TRX straps–to increase your heart rate and promote lean-muscle growth.

Each member will perform each exercise with the guidance of a certified trainer to reduce the risk of injury. We will also provide options and modifications to accommodate each member’s specific needs.

Try Cor4 Fitness Yourself!

Join us at our unique studio for a week of free workouts, at no charge.