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Chest Day

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10 min warmup. Spend time on the chest and shoulders and then move into your warmup bench presses.

Block 1: 26 mins

You will start this block off with a pure strength option. You are only picking one of the two options. If you are more comfortable with this movement and your weight percentages, we want to push you to go heavier and choose option 2. If you are still learning your percentages or you just had all of your percentages change with a new 1 rep max, we want to push you to go slightly lighter and do option 1.

When finished, you will have your choice to either finish your remaining time with a metcon option or more of the strength option.

Block 2: 16 mins

You will alternate every minute on the minute back and forth between these two exercises. once you finish your reps, you will rest the remaining time in the minute before transitioning to the next one.

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