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Cardio (1 mile Baseline)

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10 Min warmup. Use this time to focus on dynamic movements and getting your heart rate up. It is also good to spend some time loosening out the lower body such as hip flexors, quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves.

Block 1: 20 mins

This block starts off with our 1 mile Baseline. It is always good to track your baseline scores as we will eventually do them again and you will have something to strive for and someone to see your progress.

When you finish your 1600m, take a short break and then use the remaining 20min to get as many rounds as possible with the conditioning/core exercises provided below.

Block 2: 10 mins

This can be done with a partner, but if you don’t have a partner you can do this on your own. Partner A will run the distance given while Partner B is jumping rope. When partner A is done, they will switch back and forth for 10 minutes. If Partner A does not have a partner, you will jump rope for the time it took you to run your distance and continue that process for 10 mins

Block 3: 10 mins

This block is a 1 min EMOM with 3 exercises. The goal is to get to the 3rd exercise and complete as many reps as you can before the 1 min is up. At the start of the minute, you will go into a :10 sprint as hard as you can then quickly transition into your burpees. If you have any time left over, you will complete as many jump ropes as possible for that minute. Once the minute is up you will have an entire minute to rest before the next round starts.

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