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10 min warmup focusing on lats, shoulders and rotator cuff movements. Use resistance bands, TRX straps, PVC pipes or small light dumbbells to achieve these. Where we have written “The Stretch”, this is more commonly know as “Worlds Greatest Stretch” and is a great stretch to loosen out the trunk and hip flexors. (This can be googled)

There is one block for this workout which means that you should at least be working for the given 45-50min. If you choose to go longer to finish the workout that is also great!

There is a Buy In and Buy Out of 30 or 40 alt. snatches. This means that you must start the workout with your snatches and complete all of them before moving on. When you finish the rounds, you must also end your workout with your snatches. How you choose to break these reps up and what weight you choose is up to you. (Every arm/snatch counts as one rep)

When you finish your Buy In, you will do either 4 or 5 rounds of the list of exercises provided. Whether or not you do the 5th round will depend on your time, but also if you have been able to closely maintain your weights/calories/reps. Each exercises has two different rep options, try to stick with the same one throughout. Remember, when you see ranges in pink those are males vs females. Females are the first set of rep ranges and males are the second set.

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