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Legs (Deadlift Mini cycle week 5)

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10 min warmup. Spend time stretching and warming up the lower body such as the hip flexors, quads, hamstrings and glutes

Block 1: 20 mins

In this block we want you to take an extra 5 minutes to warmup before getting into these movements. You will use the remaining time to go through your AMRAP exercises for 5 rounds and finish the time with bench hip bridges.

Block 2: 24 mins

In this block you will do a 2 min EMOM alternating between two different sections. You will complete 4 rounds of each section. You will move from 2min of Group A to 2 min of Group B to 2min of Group C and repeat this 4 times.

In Group A/B, you will work for 1:30 and rest/transition for :30

In Group C, you will follow the time accordingly and use the remaining time to rest and transition back to Group A.

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