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Chest (Chest press strength cycle week #4/12)

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10 min warmup.

Block 1 (non strength cycle option): 20mins

Begin this block with your superset. Complete both exercises back to back then take time of rest after the second exercise. Complete 3-4 sets before moving on to the 4 rounds. When done, use the remaining time to go for a run as far as you can.

Block 2 (non strength cycle option): 30mins

Begin and end this block with either you 500m or 800m run. Complete 4 rounds of a bike sprint and belly burpees with 1:30 of rest in between. Do as many belly burpees as calories you achieved in your :15 sprint. When done, Repeat this concept with rowing and pushups.

Block 1 (strength cycle option): 50+ mins

Continue warming up your bench press and when ready complete tour 4 sets of low weight/high rep presses with a tempo. Remember, your tempo is a 1 count down, 2 count pause and a 4 count press.

When completed, move on to the supplementary lifts completing all the sets of one exercise before moving to the next.

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