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10min warmup

Block 1: 8 mins

Complete the 1 min EMOM and repeat for 8 rounds. Complete the reps of one of the core options below. Save a little time at the end of your minute to rest and transition to the next minute.

Block 2: 12 mins

Complete 4 rounds of the 3 min EMOM. Complete the 2 exercises (choosing your rep and distance range accordingly for you) within the 3 mins with a little time to spare for rest and transition until the next round.

Block 3: 6 mins

Repeat block 1 for 6 rounds

Block 4: 10 mins

Complete 4 or 5 rounds of a 2 min EMOM. Complete the biking calories with time to spare.

Block 5: 4 mins

Repeat block 1 for 4 mins

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