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Shoulders (Optional shoulder press strength cycle week 7/12)

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10 min warmup. Spend time on rotator cuff, deltoids and warming up your shoulder presses.

Block 1: (non cycle) This block will have 20 mins. You will begin with 20 reps of the prone shoulder complex to warmup the shoulder, scaps and surrounding posterior muscles. This will be followed by a strict strength movement and then again with the shoulder complex. When all of that is completed, you will have the remaining time to get as many rounds back and forth between a run and high pulls.

Block 2: This block is a 20 minute Metcon (see verbiage page for more info). In this block, your goal is to be moving the entire time with quick and smooth transitions (minus the optional 1:00 rest time). Your run and weight should be picked accordingly so you can maintain your pace for the entire 20 min period.


Continue warmup and move into the prone shoulder complex. When finished, we are lifting HEAVY for these presses! 80-85%! You should take the full rest time that is given if you are correctly doing this weight. Make sure that even though this weight is heavy, we are still getting full range of motion with the dumbbells and making contact to the shoulder with a full extension overhead.

When finished with all 5 sets, you will move to your supplementary lifts. You will complete all 4-5 sets before moving on to the next exercises. These movements and weights were repeated on week 3 and 4 so refer back to those days for accurate percentages.

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