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Shoulders (Optional Shoulder Cycle #11/12)

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10min warmup. Spend time on banded exercises and mobility for shoulders and rotator cuffs. Spend time warming up seated or standing shoulder press weight.

Block 1 (non cycle): 22mins

Complete 8 rounded back and forth of your run and shoulder presses. These single arm presses are strict presses, so the goal is to choose the appropriate weight that you will not use any lower body movement. When completed, use the remaining 22 mins to complete as many rounds as possible of the 4 exercises given. The weights for these are the max amount of load you can lift without compromising your form.

Block 2 (non cycle): 20 mins

Complete each METCON number completely before moving on to the next. These distances and reps are higher and slightly more aggressive. Find a good pace that you can maintain, but also get through as much as you can in the 20 mins. Your RX/Gold standard dumbbell weight for women are 35# and for men are 50#

Block 1 (cycle option): 50+ mins

Warmup weighted shoulder presses and complete 30 prone complexes. The weight is HEAVY this week. Try to get 1-3 reps for 5 sets at what was once your 1RM.

When completed, move on to the accessory work. Complete all the reps/sets of one exercise before moving on to the next.

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