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Shoulders (Optional Seated Press Cycle week 6)

Trainer Insight

10 min warmup spent on warming up the rotator cuff, shoulders and torso. Use bands and PVC pipes to achieve this. Follow it up with warmup seated shoulder presses.

There is one block for this entire class which means that you will have 45-50 mins to complete, but if you have more time and want to finish that is also great!

This is a strength focuses day, you must complete all 3-5 sets of each movement before moving on to the next movement. After you finish all your sets of one exercise you will complete the 3 exercises on the right side of the screen before moving on.

Optional Strength Cycle

Complete the sets/reps of your seated shoulder press. Once you have finished all the sets you will move on to your drop sets (see workout verbiage page for help). Complete all reps/sets of the first exercise before moving to the second and the third.

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