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10min Warmup

Block 1: 24 mins

Complete 4-5 rounds of the first two exercises back and forth. When completed, take 2:00 to rest and transition and use the remaining time of your 24 minutes to go through the last two exercises. Cap yourself at 5 rounds if you get there.

Block 2: 20mins

This block begins with pure sets and reps of your high pull movement. Complete all the sets/reps given. When done, you get to choose whether you want to do a lifting option or a metabolic conditioning option. Only choose one for the time you have left. The lifting option has a superset of 2 exercises. Complete both exercises before taking your rest and then repeat for your following sets. Then, that option will have a pure lifting exercise. Complete all the sets and reps given of the arnold press.

The retcon option will be a list of 5 exercises. Complete as many rounds as you can in the time that is left after your high pulls.

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