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10min warmup.

Block 1: 20mins

This is a pure strength block. Begin with your seated shoulder press. Complete all 4-5 sets before moving on to the superset. When finished, complete 4 sets of the superset. Both exercises back to back before taking the time of rest given. If completed with left over time, use this time to jog.

Block 2: 15 mins

3 min EMOM completed for 5 rounds. Each round, begin your 3 mins with your distance run. Match the following exercise number (as you will only complete one) with the round number. For example, Round 3 begin with 200-400m run followed by 10 DB clean to OH. Rest the remaining time in the 3:00 and begin the next round at the top of the following 3 mins.

Block3: 7 mins

This block is a MENTAL GRIND! Get as many reps of ball tosses in as you can in your 7 mins. Every time you need a break, take a short :20 to rest and then pick them back up.

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