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Shoulder Day (Optional Cycle #5)

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10 min Warmup: Use a band, PVC pipe or a light dumbbell to warmup the shoulders.

Block 1: You will have 33 mins in this block. There are three strength exercises in this block you want to try and get through. These movements will all be done on a single leg which will add in some stability work and strengthening of the core and smaller muscles in your lower body. Each of the three exercises will consist of 4 sets of 12-15 reps with 1:30 in between to rest. You will complete all 4 sets of the shoulder press before moving on to the reverse fly and so forth. The weights will be lighter, because you are on one leg, but also because you are adding a tempo. The tempo will always consist of a 1 count for concentric part of the movements, a 2 count for the pause/isometric part of the movement and a slow 4 count for the eccentric part of the movement. After each SET (so 4 times per movement), you will complete your single leg lateral hop option and your belly burpee with a calf raise.

Block 2: This block with be a 2 min EMOM you will repeat for 5 rounds being a total of 10 minutes. When the two minutes starts, your goal is complete all 3 exercises quickly so you can rest the remaining time of your 2 minutes. For example, the 2 minutes starts you will do :30 on the bike, 10 snatches and 6 ball ground to shoulder. Once you have completed that and the clock says 1:30 you will be able to rest the remaining 30 seconds before your new 2 minutes begins. (Time varies by person and by weights chosen). You want to get as aggressive as you can on the bike and the weights while also being able to maintain it for all 5 rounds.


This is week 5 of our 12 week shoulder press cycle. After warming up, you will complete 30 prone shoulder complex. Your seated shoulder press main lift will be 5 sets of 8-6 reps (hoping to shoot for 8 reps and only fall back to 6 if needed).

For accessory/supplementary work you have 3 exercises to complete. You will complete all 4-5 sets of the first exercise before moving on to the second and so forth.

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