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Leg Day (Deadlift Mini Cycle #7)

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10 min warmup focusing on the lower body and warming up for deadlifts to start.

Block 1: 35 min

Start by moving through the first 3 exercises in a row. Try not to put down the dumbbells between the first two exercises. Then when getting to the bike, the first range of calories are for females and the second range of calories are for males.

When finished, shake out your legs and head for a 1 mile run or 10min run depending on whichever happens first.

When finished, whatever time of the 35 mins are remaining will be spent getting as many rounds as possible for the 4 exercises below.

Block 2: Roughly 15 mins or more if needed

This block is pure strength training. Use the time to complete the sets and reps. When finished, use remaining time to complete banded exercises.

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