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10min warmup. Spend time working on your full body from top to bottom. We always recommend a banded shoulder cuff warmup as well as “worlds greatest stretch”. Do some dynamic movements to get your heart rate up as well.

Block 1: 35 mins

This block is a 7 min EMOM that you will repeat 5 rounds. Get through the movements on the screen before your 7:00 is and rest the time you had left before the next round begins. (Bench complex is with any bench you have accessible. Complete a belly burpee deadlift, put the weights down, body weight step over the bench and complete a ball squat clean on the other side. This can be done without a bench as well. Complete both movements back to back for 1 counted rep.)

Block 2: 8 mins

This block is used for you to choose one (or more) of the 4 options and complete many different reps with different weights. Get comfortable with the form of this movements. Watch our videos below for more clarification. When you’re comfortable, feel free to try and push the weight a little more.

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