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10 min warmup

Block 1: 50+ mins

This workout is a partner style workout. You and your partner will complete this as a you go, I go. If you do not have a partner, you will just rest either the allotted time given or the time it took you to complete your reps.

For the first section, complete a 2 min EMOM for 5 rounds per person. Complete your rowing calories and immediately following complete your pull-ups in the 2:00. Then, rest the following 2:00. Repeat until you have done 5 rounds. When done, take a 3:00 rest. For the second section, you will complete a 2:00 EMOM for as many rounds as it takes you to complete all your reps. Partner reps are at the bottom in red (cut this in half if you are working by yourself). Max yourself out at 12 rounds. Complete the biking calories and then your belly burpee, ball clean to shoulder and step over the bench. Each movement together = 1 rep.

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