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Deload Week

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10min warmup. This is still the week of our reload week. This means that we are dropping the weight and the structured lifting and focuses more on moving, conditioning and aerobic capacity. Warmup with some dynamic movements and prepare for our 1:00 min baselines.

Block one: 50+ mins

Start this block with your 2 one minute baselines. You will do as many belly burpees as you can in 1:00. This will be a tracked score that we will come back to, so you want to get your best score. Then, you will take a 3:00 rest and repeat this for sit ups.

When completed, start on the full body metcon. Metabolic conditioning means we are looking to find a constant pace and movement that we can maintain throughout. Pick one ball that you can use for all of the movements. If you are limited, you can always vary the weights. Your aerobic work on the run, bike and optional ruck can always be modified to running outside, a bodyweight cardio exercise or whatever aerobic piece of equipment you have. After each round of the metcon, take 2-3:00 to rest and repeat until time is up.

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