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Deload Week

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Continuing deload week for this week! Warm your body up with dynamic movements. We will start off with some running.

Block 1: 35 mins

The goal for this block is to work on our condoning and overall endurance. Speed of your run is less important than the capacity to maintain your run. You will complete 4 sets of your choice of a distance run (200m, 300m or 400m) with a 1:00 rest in between. Keep an eye on your pace for each of these runs. When you have completed the 4th run, take a full 4:00 to rest. Then you will repeat it allover again seeing if you can maintain your paces.

When completed, use the remaining to to alternate a 1:00 EMOM of these 3 core exercises.

Block 2: 8:00

This can be substituted for any cardio equipment, running outside or even a body weight cardio exercise. You will have 8:00 on the clock to get as many calories on the bike as possible. If you get 100, then you will stop before the 8:00.

This can be modified to a 1600m (1 mile) run or any exercises for as many reps as possible.

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