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Chest (Optional Chest Press Strength Cycle Week 5/12)

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10min Warmup

Block 1 (non strength cycle option): 25 mins

This is a strength focused block. Warmup yo your 50-60% on your flat bench chest press. Begin with the flat bench presses. Complete all the given sets and reps before moving on. When finished, complete all of the sets and reps of the decline bench press. With the remaining time of your 25 mins, complete as many rounds as possible between you run and bird dogs.

Block 2 (non strength cycle option): 18 mins

This block is metabolic conditioning. You will have 18 mins to complete as many rounds as you can, but with a 5 round cap. At the beginning of every round, begin with an aggressive 1:00 run followed by a :15 second sprint. Then move into your weighted exercises. These exercises are a ladder. Your reps will go down by 2 each time. (If you choose to start with 20 pushups, those reps will go down by 4 each time). complete the reps of the 3 exercises followed by an optional 1:00 rest. Repeat for your next round.

Block 1 (Strength Cycle Option): 50+ mins

For week 5 of the cycle, begin with your flat bench presses at a heavier 70-65%. Complete 5 sets of 10-6 reps. You should be 1-2 weight classes above the weight you used on week 3. When completed, move into the supplementary work. Complete all sets and reps of one exercise before moving to the next.

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