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Chest (Optional Chest Press Strength Cycle Week #1)

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10min Warmup. Spend time on shoulder cuffs, chest, overhead mobility and wamrup bench presses at a light weight. We will be starting a new strength cycle today! You have the option to take part in this if you would like, but you also do not need to at all. The purpose of these strength cycles is to spend 12 weeks building the overall strength and mobility to safely improve our flat bench chest press. If you choose to do the strength cycle, you will begin on the 3rd slide (slide 1 and 2 are for those not taking part in the cycle, but can also be done in addition if needed).

Block 1: Non Cycle 28 mins

This block begins with our 1:00 pushup baseline. The goal is to do as many CLEAN pushups as possible in that minute. These can be done on your knees or toes. Either way, track how many you did and how you did them. When done, you have the option to find your 1 rep max. This will help you use your percentages accurately moving forward. If you have questions on 1 rep maxing or how to prepare for that, feel free to reach out to a trainer. When completed, use your max to calculate 50% and complete your 3-5 sets. Then you will move down the page.

Block 2: Non Cycle 15+ mins

Complete 10 total rounds of an alternating EMOM with pushups and running. You will do each thing 5 times. Complete your reps and time in the minute and rest what you have remaining before the next minute begins. When time is up, you have an optional stationary structured lift.

Cycle Option: Week 1

After also completing the 1:00 baseline (read above) You will find your 1 rep max (just like above). When done, use that number to calculate 40-50% and complete your German Volume Training. GVT is 10 sets of 10 reps (10×10) with 1:00 of rest in between.

Then, move into the supplementary lifts. Complete all 3-4 sets of one exercise before moving to the next one.

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