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Chest Day

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10 min warmup. Spend time activating rotator cuff warmup and doing warmup chest presses.

Block 1: 33 mins

Complete 100 chest presses; every time you have to take a rest/break to put the dumbbells down you run. After a 3:00 minute after completing all 100 reps, you’ll go into your standard incline press set up. When completing the incline press, you will use the remaining time of your 33 mins to get as many rounds of the 3 exercises provided.

block 2: 10 mins

Partner style block, but can also be done without a partner. Partner A will run or row 100m then immediately do 3-5 pushups while partner B is resting. The partners will repeat back and forth for 10 mins. If you do not have a partner, you want to rest the exact time it took you to complete your run and pushups.

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