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Chest (Chest Press Cycle Week 7/12)

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10min warmup

Block 1: 22 mins (non cycle option)

This block begins with a 10min EMOM. Alternate back in forth between a timed run and reps of your chest press. Complete the reps/times in your minute and use the remaining time to transition. When done with 10:00, use 2:00 to rest and transition to the bottom section. Complete a 2:00 EMOM for 5 rounds. Complete your run and pushups within the 2:00 and rest the time that is remaining.

Block 2: 20 mins (non cycle option)

Take 20 minutes to keep moving in this METCON. complete each exercise and rest one minute before starting again.

Block 1: 50+ mins (cycle option)

Complete your heavier sets of 75-80% chest press. Your weights shoulder be up 1-2 weight classes from your week 5 weights. When done, complete the supplementary work in order.

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