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Chest (Bench Press Cycle Week 3/12)

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10 min warmup. Spend time on chest and shoulders. Use time to warmup flat bench chest presses.

Block 1: (non strength cycle option) 10 mins

10 mins AMRAP to complete as many rounds as possible. Complete the 2 exercises and rest 1:00. Repeat this.

Block 2: (non strength cycle option) 30 mins

For 30:00, follow the clock and complete each set of exercises on the given time. Every time you finish the exercises on the given time, make your way back to the treadmill (or any other aerobic equipment or a run outside). The ultimate goal is to always get back to the treadmill to accumulate as much distance as possible.

Block 1: 50+ mins (strength cycle option)

Continue your warmup to work your way up to your 60-55% (when we write this backwards, we want you to lean towards the higher percentage if possible). Complete all the sets and reps of the flat bench press before moving on to the supplementary work. When completed, complete all the sets and reps of each exercise before moving on tot he next one.

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