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Cardio (Baseline)

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10min warmup

Block 1: 20 mins

This block is a baseline that we repeat often. Track your time or your score at the end. In total, you will complete a 1 mile run. Every time you run 200m you will stop and complete 14 or 20 single leg v-ups and then repeat this until your 1600m is complete or you hit the 20min time cap.

Block 2: 23min

The first 16 mins will consist of a 2 min EMOM repeating 8 times. Alternate back and forth between the even group and the odd group. Complete the reps/time in your 2:00 and use the remaining time to rest and transition. Repeat this back and forth for 4 rounds each. When completed, use the remaining time to complete running intervals. Choose one of the 3 options and repeat that option for the final 7-8 mins

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