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Cardio (800m Baseline)

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10min warmup: Start warming up legs to get ready to run. Progress in dynamic movements to warm the body up.

Block 1: Full Class. Minimum of 50 minutes.

All cardio aerobic equipment can be substituted with running outside, other aerobic equipment, box jumps or body weight cardio exercises

The first 800m is a baseline. You want to time yourself running this distance and get the fastest possible time you can. Track this for the next time we do this. Once done, rest the time you need and then you will jump in on the EMOM. Do the reps for the first exercise in your minute time; rest the remainder of your minute. On the next minute, switch to the next exercise. Repeat this back and forth for 8,10,12 or 16 minutes.

When completed, move to the METCON. You will complete 4 rounds including rest time.

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