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10 min warmup

Block 1: 26 mins

For this block, follow a time/clock the entire time. The ultimate goal is to complete as much distance on the treadmill or outside (or any cardio equipment you have) as possible. Every time you complete your given reps you will make your way back to your run to get a further distance. Perform a 5:00 run at a pace that you can maintain for a period of time. When finished, you will have 2:30 to complete the given exercises and reps below. If you finish, rest the remaining time or if you do not finish you will stop at 2:30 anyway. Each time through the running time will go down a minute, you may be able to get slightly faster. However, another exercise will be added to your 2:30 to complete.

Block 2: 24 mins

This block is the exact same as the last one, but you will be going back up the ladder in reverse.

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