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Back (Week 8/8 pull-up mini cycle and pull-up baseline)

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10min warmup

Block 1: 13 mins

If you are working towards your first pull-up and want to see if you can do it, take the first 3 mins to give that a try. Otherwise, the baseline for this block is 10mins of as many pull-ups as you can do. These pull-ups can be strict, kipping, butterfly, with assisted bands, with an assisted machine or even with a friend. Track how many you end of getting!

Block 2: 30 mins

Complete 4 rounds of the 6 min EMOM. Each minute, complete the time or exercise given on the numbers 1-6. Rest the remaining time in the minute. Complete 4 full rounds (#6 is a 1:00 rest). When done, complete the following 7 minutes getting as many reps as possible or as close to 30 reps of a ball pick up to the shoulder. Takes breaks when and when is needed.

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