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Back (Pull-up Mini Cycle Week 4/8)

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10min warmup

Block 1: 22 mins

Begin this block with the pull-up mini cycle. Complete 10-20 pull-ups in your 2:00 and rest the time you have left. Repeat this 2:00 EMOM 5 times. When completed, rest/transition 2:00. When the 2:00 rest is over, you will complete another 2:00 EMOM for 5 rounds. Complete 3-7 reps of the bear complex and rest the time you have left. One rep of a bear complex is all 5 movements shown in a row without dropping the dumbbells.

Block 2: 22 mins

Complete your buy in of 15 or 30 burpees then begin the aerobic ladder. When completed, you will have your buy out of 15 or 30 burpees. For the aerobic ladder, follow the meters and rest time as given. These meters can be changed based on the equipment you have available.

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