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Back (Pull-up Mini Cycle Week 2/8 and Bar Hang Baseline)

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10min warmup. Spend time on the lats, shoulders and forearms.

Block 1: 14 mins

Begin this block with a baseline you will track. This is pure grip strength and forearm strength! Complete a bar hang for as long as you can hold on to the bar before having to drop. Track your time. If you do not have a bar, you can also complete this with a heavy dumbbell hold. When completed, use the remaining time to get as many rounds as possible back and forth between the bike and clean to overheads.

Block 2: 21 mins

We are jumping back into our pull-up mini cycle! You have 3 options to choose from of these pull-ups. As you look down the list of these 3, they get more advanced the towards the end. choose the option that is best for your pull-ups and goals! Once you have completed all your sets or rounds of your EMOM use the remaining time to complete 4-5 sets of your standing low row.

Block 3: 6 mins

Use this block to track your time for 6:00. There are 6 rounds of a 1 min EMOM you will complete. Go down the list 1-6 and complete the reps/time given in your minute. Rest/transition the time you have remaining and begin on the next minute.

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