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Back (Pull Up Mini Cycle Week 1 and Baseline)

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10min warmup.

Block 1: 25mins <p. This is the first week of our pull-up mini cycle. This cycle will last 8 weeks and will be built into class. Begin with a 1:00 pull-up AMRAP baseline. Get as many pull-ups in as you can. After, take 2:00 to rest and then move in to either 40 or 50 strict pull-ups as fast as possible. This can be done with bands, with assistance from a person or on an assisted machine. If you do not have any of these pieces of equipment you can do any form of low rows. When completed, complete 4 rounds of your rowing and cleans.

Block 2: 15 mins

Begin this block with a super set of your RDL’s and low rows. Use the same weight for these two movements back to back before taking your rest. When 3-4 rounds have been completed, move on to the AMRAP of core exercises for the time you have left.

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