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10 min warmup to focus on stretching and mobility of the lats, delts, rhomboids and traps. Use a PVC pipe, resistance band, foam roller or even a door frame for these movements!

First Block: The first movement is a pure strength movement, the weight should be at the max amount of load you can handle for the amount of sets and reps given. Take the exact allotted time of recovery. When finished, use the remaining time of your 20mins to get as many rounds as possible back and forth between strict unbroken pull-ups and either a row or a rest period.

Second Block: For 4 or 5 rounds, you will perform a row within a 2 min EMOM. The goal is to be able to do as many calories as you can while still giving yourself about 15-30 seconds of rest at the end of your 2 min so you can maintain it again for the next round. Focus on your “calories per hour” number on the screen. The harder you drive back with your legs, the more powerful your stroke will be. Your stroke count number in the top right corner should be at a pace your endurance can maintain. Keeping that number between 24 and 29 is a good way to keep your breath under control. If you finish the fourth round and still have some gas in the tank, try to maintain that number for one more round. When completed, use a few minutes to catch your breath and then use the remaining time of your 22 minutes to get as many rounds as possible of the exercises below. We just did a pretty aggressive conditioning piece on the rower, so for the AMRAP the goal is to really focus on the strength of your movements and with such low reps we want to try to push the weight if possible.

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