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Block 1: 8 mins

We are tarting with our 1,000m row baseline! The goal is to get your best time. Focus on your split time and pacing yourself out. Track your time when completed.

If you do not have a rower, this can be done on any aerobic piece of equipment or running outside.

Block 2: 10 mins

This is a pure strength block. Use the max amount of weight you can pull for 4-5 sets of 12 reps. Any positioning with or without a bench will work for this movement.

Block 3: 22 mins

Complete this retcon for 4 rounds. Work as far as you can in 4:00, when the 4:00 is completed you will have a 2:00 rest. Each time the 4:00 begins, you will start back at the top.

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