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** Sorry there is no audio, there was an audio technical difficulty for the next few days ** 10 mins warmup

Block 1: 6 mins

Follow the time given.

Block 2: 16 mins

With or without a partner, complete the 10 min EMOM back and forth between a 1:00 pull-up AMRAP and a 1:00 rest. Take 1-2:00 to break and then move to the next EMOM. Complete 5 rounds of a 1 min EMOM. :30 on with your death march and :30 to rest.

Block 3: 20 mins

With or without a partner, repeat the EMOM of pull-ups for 6 mins. When done, use the remaining time to go through the two exercises given. Each round go down by 5 reps.

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