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Arms (7’s Baseline)

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10min Warmup

Block 1: 25mins

This 25 minute cap is for the 7’s baseline. Your goal is to get 7 full rounds of these movements as quickly as you can with good form and proper weights. Lay out all of your equipment an se your stations up so you can quickly and smoothly transition from one thing to the next.

When completed, if you have any time left over you will complete as many reps as you can (up to 50) of your ground to shoulder.

Block 2: 20+ mins

Finish where you left off with your ground to shoulder. If you did not have time to start, you will do 40 reps instead of 50. When completed, move on to the strength exercises completing all sets and reps of one movement before the next. If you have any time left, you will do an AMRAP of the 3 exercises listed below.

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