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10min warmup. Spend time working through mobility and PVC stretches.

Block 1: 15 mins

This block is a partner style block. One partner will work while the other rests. If you do not have a partner, just rest as long as it took you to complete the reps. Choose your rep/calorie scheme either beginning with 20 and going down or beginning with 25 and going down. Partner A will complete first set of reps before partner B goes and repeats it.

Block 2: 30 mins

Begin this block with your strength exercise. Complete all sets and reps before moving on to the next thing. When finished, complete all 4-5 rounds of the 3 exercises given before moving on to the finisher. Your finishing is a concentration curl. Complete two sets on both arms until failure. The goal is to choose a weight you know you can do at least 15-20 reps of. If you do more that’s perfectly fine! Complete reps util yo physically cannot to another one and then switch arms.

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