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First Block: 10 min

In this 10 minutes, you will try to get as many reps into this ladder as possible. First starting with 20 calories on the rower, 20 belly burpees and 20 ground to shoulders. On the next round you will repeat with 15,15,15 then 10,10,10 and finally 5,5,5. The goal is to find an aggressive pace you can maintain to finish as many reps as possible before time is up.

Second Block: 30 mins (or more if needed)

First, complete all 4-5 sets of the DB OH ext before moving on to the bicep giant set. In the bicep giant set, you will complete all 4 exercises back to back without rest before taking the allotted 2 min TOR. Again here, you will repeat all 3-4 sets before moving into the biking AMRAP.

In the biking AMRAP, you will choose between multiples of 7 calories or 10 calories. If you choose 7 calories, then every time you hit a multiple of 7 (7..14..21..28..etc) then you will complete the 3 exercises that are written below. You will continue you this for the time remaining.

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